Water & Wastewater

Erosion Presents Growing Risk to Pipeline Infrastructure

by Rick Besancon July 13, 2016

All around the United States, a hidden danger lies in channels and waterways — natural gas pipelines exposed by erosion and channel degradation. All it takes is a single heavy branch carried along by rushing water to cause a rupture, resulting in the potential loss of life and property in populated areas. With tens of […]

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Waterline Replacement: Trenchless Technologies Can Minimize Community Disruption

by Mike Lehrburger July 11, 2016

Trenchless technologies are emerging solutions for installing, replacing, repairing and restoring underground utilities. As the ever-present demand for reliable water resources continues to grow, and our existing infrastructure continues to age, communities are turning to trenchless technologies to improve their water infrastructure with minimal disruption to the community. Here’s a look at how our team […]

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The Rising Challenges of Water Scarcity — and How They Affect Oil Refineries

by Larry Close March 1, 2016

Water sustains life and allows communities to thrive. But as the global demand for water increases and droughts become more frequent, water scarcity is a rising problem. This is felt, of course, in both drinking water and agricultural irrigation. But such scarcity also deeply affects the many industries — including the oil and gas industry […]

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Thinking Ahead for New EPA Coal Ash (CCR) Regulation

by Block Andrews June 10, 2015

A long-anticipated EPA regulation covering coal combustion residuals (CCR) at power plants will begin to affect facilities this fall, potentially leading to the closure of a number of CCR ponds and landfills in the next few years. Will your facility be affected? Understanding the regulation can help you prepare for potential changes. Will you want […]

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Students Gain Experience with Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Challenge

by Christine Hobson May 26, 2015

The goals were lofty for a wastewater treatment plant at an oil refinery in the Rocky Mountain region. The plant must treat 1 million gallons of industrial wastewater daily. The design must minimize the plant’s footprint and environmental impact, while reaching for efficiencies in capital outlay and operational costs. It’s a combination of challenges engineers […]

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Wichita’s Water Supply Management Earns International Recognition

by Brian Meier May 13, 2015

We’re thrilled and honored that our work on the Wichita Equus Beds Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) project was among the four amazing projects nominated for this year’s Global Water Awards Project of the Year. To be in the running alongside remarkable projects from the Netherlands, Canada and California is an honor itself. But we’re […]

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