Wind Power

8 Interesting Facts About Wind Power

by The Burns & McDonnell Team May 10, 2013

Wind is a constant presence and something that most of us don’t think twice about. Yet wind power continues to be a growing source of renewable energy. The American Wind Energy Association reports that, in 2012, “wind energy became the number one source of new U.S. electricity generating capacity for the first time, providing some […]

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WINDPOWER 2013: Solutions for Success in Wind Energy

by The Burns & McDonnell Team May 2, 2013

Wind power is, without question, one of the foundations of success when it comes to the renewable energy market. But solutions for success in wind energy aren’t cut and dried, nor is any solution guaranteed. We’re excited about joining thousands of our wind energy colleagues at the WINDPOWER Expo May 5-8 in Chicago, as we […]

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Kansas Wind Farm Breaks the Mold for Wind Industry

by Aaron Anderson January 18, 2013

Kansas is one of the nation’s leading producers of wind energy. And now it’s home to the largest single-build wind farm in U. S. history — a wind farm that’s breaking the mold for what the industry thought was possible. First, a little background on the project. The $800 million Flat Ridge 2 project, which […]

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3 Common Mistakes in Wind Turbine Technology Selection

by Aaron Anderson November 23, 2012

Wind energy development is complex and selecting the optimal wind turbine technology is critical. The process requires careful evaluation of numerous factors, and, unfortunately, many wind farm owners make the same mistakes during the selection process. What should you know when evaluating wind turbine technology for your wind farm? The key factor is that not […]

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The Atlantic Wind Connection Project [Webinar]

by The Burns & McDonnell Team November 16, 2012

As more utilities consider harnessing the power of the wind as a renewable energy source, The Atlantic Wind Connection Project is not only a model of efficient power collection but also scalable infrastructure that can easily be expanded to accommodate additional offshore wind energy. Learn more about The Atlantic Wind Connection Project during our upcoming […]

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