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Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Smart Investment for America’s Roads

by Andrew Reid September 21, 2015

The civil engineering industry has long maintained a rule of thumb that 1 lane-mile of highway construction costs approximately $1 million to build. However, with rising oil prices and construction costs, this estimate no longer holds true. As state budgets are being stretched across the country, state departments of transportation (DOTs) are turning to innovative […]

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Diverging Diamond Interchange Shifts Traffic for Safety & Efficiency

by The Burns & McDonnell Team February 9, 2012

The diverging diamond interchange (DDI) is a relatively new — and undoubtedly unique — highway interchange concept starting to take shape around the country. While its design may seem complex at first glance, it essentially shifts traffic to the opposite side of the road. It’s been shown to improve the safety and efficiency of traffic […]

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