transmission lines

Trail Development Below Transmission Lines

by Will Kirby May 21, 2015

The world’s urban population is growing. According to the World Health Organization, 54 percent of people lived in urban areas in 2014, up from 34 percent in 1960. As people flock to cities, they find fewer open spaces to enjoy. This has health experts worried. Studies show people’s brain waves differ when they spend time […]

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OneTouchPM: Better Project Management, Better Results

by Chris O'Grady August 7, 2013

When you’re dealing with large-scale engineering projects, better, more efficient project management is always a primary focus. Better project management helps keep the work on time, on budget and in compliance with relevant regulations. It also keeps teams happy and clients satisfied, so everybody wins. Mobile solutions are also increasingly important, especially if project teams […]

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Sorting Out Long-Distance Connections

by The Burns & McDonnell Team January 15, 2013

We know long-distance relationships can be challenging. That concept is just as true when neighboring parts of the country try to connect through electric transmission lines. It has been more than half a year since the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission affirmed its Order 1000, a landmark rule that aimed to increase competition in the electric […]

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Webinar: Dynamic Line Rating with Lindsey Manufacturing

by The Burns & McDonnell Team January 12, 2013

From new tools and platforms to updated techniques and processes, technology has had an undeniable impact on nearly every industry. In an effort to more closely examine how technology is changing the transmission and distribution industry, Burns & McDonnell is proud to team up with Transmission & Distribution World magazine to host the Advanced Technology […]

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Are Interstate Electric Transmission Lines an Economically Viable Path for Wind Power?

by The Burns & McDonnell Team January 25, 2012

Interstate electric transmission lines are increasingly being used to deliver wind power, one of the cleanest and most cost-effective sources of energy. Because wind is in abundant supply in our country, it can play a huge part in meeting our increased energy demands. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), wind power has the […]

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