Process Design

Designing Food Processing Plants of the Future

by Wayne Young June 17, 2016

Few industries evolve quite as quickly as the food industry. Just think about it; the low-fat and carb-free fads from 10-20 years ago gave way to today’s “real food” movement, where consumers increasingly want locally sourced, fresh products with a focus on niche or specialty foods. These ever-changing trends can present some serious challenges for […]

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The Core Plant Concept: A New Approach to Gas Processing Plant Design

by Karen Bray April 7, 2016

The midstream industry has experienced a phenomenal construction boom over the last several years. Speed-to-market was once the name of the game, but times have changed; margins are down and gas processors have new marching orders when it comes to capital projects: Cost is king. With management at midstream companies looking for a significant step […]

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Understanding Overpressure Protection and the Downstream User

by David Slavin May 11, 2015

It’s happening more than ever before along pipelines: Downstream users are being cited for inadequate overpressure protection per Code of Regulation (CFR) 192.195. Often, an entity doesn’t even know it’s not in compliance. What can operators do to ensure their system meets all regulations? How can they avoid auditing and fines ranging from $100,000 to […]

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Case Study: How Lean Six Sigma Helped Transform One Manufacturing Facility

by Christopher Williams March 20, 2015

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of Lean Six Sigma and the many different applications in which it can be used, from helping shape city government processes to managing healthcare services and everything in between. No matter the application, the goal is always the same: Improve operations to increase efficiency and eliminate waste. Here’s […]

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Pre-Capital Planning: Four Key Steps to Success

by Mal Warrick March 11, 2015

 When significant operational changes require hefty capital investments, the stakes are high for an organization or company. Pre-capital planning is crucial to delivering a successful project, especially for companies that have multiple departments with diverse responsibilities or functions. Pre-capital planning is focused on helping clients evaluate and systematically execute capital project plans. It’s fundamental to […]

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