Supreme Court Upholds FERC Order 745

by Mike Beehler January 26, 2016

A Supreme Court decision on Monday, Jan. 25, has clarified one of the murkier recent developments in the world of electricity demand-response programs. In a 6-2 decision authored by Justice Elena Kagan, the court ruled that FERC’s Order 745 was a correct application of FERC’s powers under the Federal Power Act (FPA) and does not […]

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Are You Man Enough to be a Girl Scout?

by Julee Koncak January 25, 2016

Are you man enough to be a Girl Scout? Our CEO Greg Graves is — and he joins a cast of 13 other Kansas City leaders in a fun new campaign by Girl Scouts of Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri. The Man Enough to be a Girl Scout campaign showcases men who are committed to […]

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Looking Ahead to DistribuTECH 2016

by Mike Beehler January 18, 2016

As power industry leaders converge on Orlando for this year’s DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition, we do so with certainty that our industry is transforming at an accelerating rate. Panel discussions and keynote sessions will provoke thoughtful discussion and debate about how our industry will respond. I’m especially excited about one of the Mega Sessions hosted […]

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Why Airports Need an Asset Management System

by Vicky Borchers January 15, 2016

A new maintenance facility being built at Kansas City International Airport (MCI) will showcase a powerful and convenient  computerized asset management system (CMMS) that’s expected to revolutionize how operators measure, define and monitor the way their building runs and functions. Imagine a building being able to communicate via mobile device in real-time about what maintenance work […]

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Preparing the Grid for the Impact of Solar Storms — and New NERC Standards

by Omar Urquidez January 11, 2016

A cloud of solar material and electromagnetic radiation hurtles from the sun towards Earth, disturbing the electric grid and leaving millions without power. It sounds like science fiction. But it actually happened in Quebec, Canada, in March 1989 — and it will happen again. Protecting the bulk electric system from the impact of these geomagnetic […]

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Challenges and Strategies for Partial Power Plant Decommissioning

by Jeff Kopp December 23, 2015

As the nation’s electric industry prepares for upwards of 90 gigawatts of coal-fired power plants to be retired in the near future, careful planning is required for these facilities to be decommissioned safely, successfully and cost-effectively. Many of those slated for retirement are part of larger, multi-unit facilities where some units will continue operating during […]

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