Cybersecurity of the SPIDERS Microgrid Network

by Fred Terry July 10, 2015

When three unrelated computer glitches occur on the same day, everyone’s thoughts immediately turn to hackers — and that’s the first question United Airlines, the New York Stock Exchange, and The Wall Street Journal addressed in their press conferences on July 8. While the events were not related to the grid, the worry about hackers […]

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Envisioning a Sustainable Future for Your Next Infrastructure Project

by Doug Dietrich July 6, 2015

Sustainable design is no longer a novelty. A recent study estimates nearly 50 percent of non-residential construction is green, and that number continues to grow. You are likely familiar with the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification framework developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. It’s become a well-accepted method for evaluating and […]

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3-D Documentation at the Speed of Light

by Jim Smith June 24, 2015

Technology is ever-evolving, so engineering and constructions professionals must continuously seek new and better solutions to daily challenges. One such solution — 3-D laser scanning — helps with the time-consuming task of documenting existing project conditions. While accurate documentation can be a struggle, it’s also vital for success, especially when a project requires critical connection […]

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Establishing Layers of Security for Healthcare Facilities

by Shawn Whalen June 22, 2015

A healthcare environment should be a safe and secure space, where healthcare professionals, patients and visitors can focus on the important business of healing. A solid security plan helps avoid unwelcome disruptions in healthcare facilities of all sizes, from small clinics to large urban hospitals. But what does a comprehensive approach to security for healthcare […]

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Thinking Ahead for New EPA Coal Ash (CCR) Regulation

by Block Andrews June 10, 2015

A long-anticipated EPA regulation covering coal combustion residuals (CCR) at power plants will begin to affect facilities this fall, potentially leading to the closure of a number of CCR ponds and landfills in the next few years. Will your facility be affected? Understanding the regulation can help you prepare for potential changes. Will you want […]

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