Threatened and Endangered Species: Golden-Cheeked Warbler & Black-Capped Vireo

by Gary Newgord August 16, 2016

The golden-cheeked warbler (Setophaga chrysoparia) and the black-capped vireo (Vireo atricapilla) are two species of small, insectivorous birds facing the threat of population decline due to habitat destruction. Noted for being the only bird species to nest exclusively in Texas, the golden-cheeked warbler resides in the Ashe juniper-oak woodlands of central Texas and is typically […]

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Erosion Presents Growing Risk to Pipeline Infrastructure

by Rick Besancon July 13, 2016

All around the United States, a hidden danger lies in channels and waterways — natural gas pipelines exposed by erosion and channel degradation. All it takes is a single heavy branch carried along by rushing water to cause a rupture, resulting in the potential loss of life and property in populated areas. With tens of […]

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Waterline Replacement: Trenchless Technologies Can Minimize Community Disruption

by Mike Lehrburger July 11, 2016

Trenchless technologies are emerging solutions for installing, replacing, repairing and restoring underground utilities. As the ever-present demand for reliable water resources continues to grow, and our existing infrastructure continues to age, communities are turning to trenchless technologies to improve their water infrastructure with minimal disruption to the community. Here’s a look at how our team […]

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Bat Species Buzz: a USFWS Update for Your Next Project

by Josiah Maine July 1, 2016

While bats may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider the global economy, these winged mammals provide vital — and valuable — services to our society. With the ability to consume their body weight in insects every night, bats act as nature’s pesticide by combating crop pests, saving farmers billions […]

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How Power Plants Can Prepare for Overlapping EPA Regulations

by Diane Martini April 18, 2016

Last fall, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a rule that sets the first federal limits on the levels of toxic metals in power plant effluents. The rule will likely affect about 12 percent of steam electric power plants that must reduce the levels of metals, nutrients and other pollutants by 1.4 billion […]

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Surveying Project Sites for American Burying Beetles: What You Need to Know

by Brian Roh March 30, 2016

The American burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) might not be the most glamorous insect — it depends on carrion (dead flesh) from dead birds and small mammals for food and reproduction — but it plays a crucial role in our nation’s ecosystem. As the beetles decompose old carcasses, they return valuable nutrients to the soil, and […]

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