Historic Aviation Complex at Dallas Love Field Getting Its Wings Back

by Pat Brown November 11, 2015

When it opened in 1958 at the beginning of the “Jet Age,” the Braniff Operations and Maintenance Base at Dallas Love Field was widely known as one of the nation’s best pieces of midcentury aviation architecture. The one-of-a-kind, modern facility embodied the spirit of flight in its architecture: Its central building was flanked by two […]

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Architecture: Telling the Story of NYC

by The Burns & McDonnell Team July 25, 2013

A city’s architecture doesn’t just define its aesthetic — it tells a rich story of the past that shaped its region. If you’re curious about New York City’s history, a recently debuted collection of images compiled from city records is a must-see. The photo database, released by the city’s Department of Records, contains nearly 1 […]

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The 25 Greatest Engineering Achievements

by The Burns & McDonnell Team July 12, 2013

Whether you look centuries into the past or just a few years, there’s no doubt that we’re surrounded by impressive engineering feats that have literally helped to shape our world. And although inspiring examples of engineering are too numerous to count, we’re always on the lookout for a great compilation that celebrates the more notable […]

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Biological Concrete Paving the Way for Sustainability

by The Burns & McDonnell Team May 30, 2013

Researchers in Spain are busy developing a new biological concrete that might just change how you see this essential yet ordinary building material. The new concrete has been developed by The Structural Technology Group in Barcelona to create ‘living’ buildings and introduce enhanced sustainability into architecture. The concrete, which can be used in new developments […]

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Guerrilla Public Libraries Show the Value of Architecture

by The Burns & McDonnell Team July 13, 2012

There’s no denying that architects create beautiful structures, some of which, over time, become iconic. Beyond the mere aesthetics of a project, architects also create solutions — and can introduce a practical approach to an ongoing problem. Take, for example, the guerrilla public libraries project in New York City. The proliferation of smartphones and mobile […]

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