August 2012

EcoXPower: Charge Bicycle Lights, Smartphone While You Pedal

by The Burns & McDonnell Team August 31, 2012

If you love bicycling and multitasking, we’ve found the perfect gadget for you. The EcoXPower is a device that simultaneously powers LED lights and charges smartphones — all thanks to the energy generated by your pedaling. The EcoXPower includes a headlamp, a red tail light and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Simply attach the device to […]

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The Grid of the Future [Webinar]

by The Burns & McDonnell Team August 30, 2012

The Smart Grid isn’t just changing the way utilities do business. It’s reshaping the entire industry. As this ongoing evolution introduces new technologies and processes to the industry, it’s important for individuals, businesses and stakeholders to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, as well as what’s yet to come. And that’s where we come in. […]

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Keep Your Lawn Healthy And Save Money During Warm Months

by The Burns & McDonnell Team August 29, 2012

Widespread drought conditions have wreaked havoc on plants, lawns and land throughout the country. And although it’s tempting to douse your lawn and garden with water, don’t do it! Instead, save money and keep your lawn in prime condition by keeping this tip in mind: Your landscape needs about an inch of water each week […]

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Utilities and Enterprise Data Management [Webinar]

by The Burns & McDonnell Team August 22, 2012

Data collection and analysis have always been critical to the utility industry, but as the depth and speed of data changes, utilities need to refine their data management processes to better apply and analyze an increasingly large supply of information. Although “big data” is now available to utilities, more data isn’t necessarily better — and […]

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OPSEM 2012 Kicks Off in Indianapolis Today

by The Burns & McDonnell Team August 21, 2012

The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) is kicking off its annual Operations Seminar (OPSEM) and trade show today in Indianapolis. We’re excited to join hundreds of professionals in the chemical distribution industry for three days of learning, sharing and networking at OPSEM 2012. Regulation is a big issue for chemical distributors and is a […]

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