October 2011

Pharmaceutical Professionals Unite at the Upcoming ISPE Annual Meeting

by The Burns & McDonnell Team October 28, 2011

We’re excited to be joining 1,000 of our pharmaceutical colleagues at the upcoming ISPE Annual Meeting, to take place Nov. 6-9 in Grapevine, Texas. Themed “Preparing Professionals and Organizations for Rapid Change,” this is an opportunity for pharma pros from around the world to collaborate, learn and prepare for the widespread changes happening in the […]

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Innovative Ideas Took Center Stage During Western Energy Institute Panel

by The Burns & McDonnell Team October 26, 2011

During a panel discussion hosted by the Western Energy Institute, executives from Itron, IBM, Cisco and HP offered ideas regarding the future of technology, as well as strategies that can help companies stay on the cutting edge of new developments. Cisco’s Paul De Martini discussed a change in the world’s physical infrastructure that will take […]

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Regenerative Medicine Facility Design: The Art Behind the Science

by The Burns & McDonnell Team October 21, 2011

Regenerative medicine — the process of recreating human cells, tissues and organs that have been damaged and restoring them to their normal function — represents a multibillion-dollar industry. The Food & Drug Administration established recommended guidelines — known as current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and current Good Tissue Practices (cGTP) — to ensure regenerative therapy […]

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What Do Electric Vehicles Mean For The Smart Grid?

by The Burns & McDonnell Team October 19, 2011

As energy efficiency and a smarter use of resources emerge as increasingly important issues for businesses and consumers, a number of technologies are slowly spreading. Consider electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt or Tesla Roadster. EVs are an optimal replacement for cars with petroleum fuel-based engines, introducing a cleaner energy option for drivers. Research shows […]

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Algae Biofuels: Taking Aviation to New Heights

by The Burns & McDonnell Team October 13, 2011

According to the International Air Transport Association, the aviation industry is responsible for nearly two percent of all man-made carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, second-generation biofuels — such as those made from algae and other forms of biomass — are more often being considered by the aviation industry as appealing alternative fuel source. With […]

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